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How much is good food really worth? (BACKPOST)

Posted by beer_chris on 3-November-2003

How much would I pay for a really, really great meal and stupendous service? What's my threshold for turning aside and shaking my head no? We went to Rainbow Lodge for Brendan's birthday dinner on Saturday night, and it was stupendous. We spent about $520 for all of us, but had our own private table (the 'wine room', cold (about 65 degrees), but totally separated from the rest of the restaurant. Our waiter was so personable, and had a laughing good time with us. We were visited 4 times by Lance Youngs, the executive chef, who shot it with us for a few minutes each time. We all ordered a different dish, and everyone tasted everyone elses meals.

Lennox, Brendan and I tasted Port for the first time, and it is as good as I would have thought – fruity, dry, and alcoholic, with raisin and dried fruit tastes. We had Santa Rita wine (Cabernet), a Chilean I didn't know was Chilean until I took the wine class at Sur La Table. I had Red Elk chops with a port wine reduction sauce. Very awesome.

All in all, a great meal with good friends. But how much would I pay for something like this? Would $1000 be too much to pay for this type of experience? I don't know – it seems like a lot, but being decadent is what going out to a restaurant is all about. Brendan and I spoke a little about wanting to go to cooking school – he would like to open his own restaurant – my only desire is to become a better restaurant goer – to learn how to better appreciate good food and good service.

I'm slowly learning that asking is part of going to these places – most of what you eat and drink you've never tasted or seen before, and curiosity in the name od pure interest is what the waiters want – they are trained to help you. The wine steward was happy we wanted to try Port, and even gave us some samples to try.

So, how much was this meal worth? I'd spend $1000 for a dinner for 5, especially if it were at the Rainbow Lodge again.


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