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Just not enough time for everything. (BACKPOST)

Posted by beer_chris on 7-November-2003

Being busy sucks. I was driving to Brendan's last night, and realized I had not cooked a meal at home since Sunday night – Marcella Hazan's meatballs. Monday was an Indian cooking class (later blog entry, maybe), Tuesday was volleyball (and Sonic burgers for dinner), Wednesday was Matrix:Reloaded (movie popcorn and M&M's for dinner), and Thursday was Smackdown! At Brendan's apartment (Jack in the Box Ultimate Cheeseburger). Tonight is the only other night I can cook, but I have nothing ready, and the kitchen is still half a mess from Sunday. On top of that, Saturday night we are out again, going to the Rockets game. Maybe I'll try and prepare a dinner at home for the three of us (Lennox, Jaime, me) before the game.

Cooking requires planning, and planning requires time. I just have none right now, and it's frustrating. I was thinking last night about how I like to call myself a cook, but I don't practice.

At this rate, I'll make it through Hazan's book by the time I am 50.


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