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My stomach speaks to me – about hot dogs, mainly. (BACKPOST)

Posted by beer_chris on 14-July-2004

I satisfied a serious craving yesterday evening, one that had been rattling around in my brain for a good month, but one I just couldn't bring myself to satiate. Last night I spent a frustrating extra 4 hours at work, staying late purportedly to help the folks in Singapore install a copy of our system software. Well, the software had not yet copied out to them, after TWENTY HOURS!. This was a little disappointing, especially considering that I had spent a few extra hours at the office just waiting for the sun to come up in the Far East. Waiting, as it turned out, so I could discover that I really didn't need to be waiting after all.

Anyway, I promised the contact out there I would burn a CD with the files and drop it in interoffice mail – just in case something happened and the files never actually completed their marathon copy. I decided to go ahead and complete the CD copy while I was at the office, as CD copies just eat time, of which I don't have enough during the day. It was about 8 PM, and I had just downloaded the second Dark Tower eBook onto my Palm the day before, so I figured I would take care of the burn and get a little reading in. After spending about half an hour cleaning up the full hard drive on the shared burner PC in the information center/library of the building, I fired up the burning software and settled in with my eBook. Trouble was, the software and files totaled 640 MB, which the HP burner software estimated would take somewhere near 45 minutes to complete. It being 8:15 already, I looked at my watch and sighed, realizing that it would be nearly 9:40 before I would be able to get home. My empty tummy rumbled at the thought, and I wondered if the pasta I had brought into the office the previous Thursday would be any good. I dismissed it, buried myself in my book and decided not to think about dinner until the CD burn got closer to completion. After all, I had eaten a larger then normal lunch.

Generally, I eat a pretty small lunch at work, usually the equivalent of a six inch Subway sandwich. In many cases, that's exactly what I do eat. I dont like a heavy lunch, as it makes me tired in the afternoon, and I'm pretty convinced that big lunches are what have contributed to my extra 30 pounds. No, I've gotten accustomed to eating relatively small amounts, and have found a few places in Baytown to that cater to folks like me. My favorite has to be 'The House', the Colonial House of Sandwiches. Strange name, but they have FOUR locations in Baytown! The sandwiches they make are on normal plastic bread. Nothing special about the meats either, and the drinks are single 12 oz cans. Simple enough, but there is something about the sandwiches that just tastes great – that and the prices are super low, the best deal in town. I can get a small sandwich, chips and drink for under 5 bucks. That, and the sandwiches actually taste good, unlike Subway, where everything pretty well tastes like eating notebook paper with mustard and bell peppers on top. Colonial House is a very good place – cash only, of course, and always the same faces, but good. One of those little small local places you just happen onto one day, as I did early in my Baytown career while looking for a small, cheap local sandwich shop like downtown Houston is full of.

Anyway, I had eaten a large Colonial House sandwich, my favorite, the Po-Boy. The Po-Boy is salami, ham and provolone cheese with a generous helping of mayo and some shredded lettuce and thin sliced tomato. Unlike the other CH fare, it is served on a hoagie roll. The normal size I get, the small, comes on a half roll. The large is a full roll. I ate it and my baked Lays, sipped my Diet Coke and felt stuffed at 11:45 that morning. I thought I would be just fine for my evening work plans.

Well, my stomach had other plans about 8:45. I started to get hungry – no, not hungry, ravenous. Part of my hunger was undeniably based in my frustration. My body wanted to know just what my brain had thought, keeping food away from it. Since nothing had really come of the evening, my brain had no excuse, and pretty much just let my stomach run roughshod over all logic and willpower.

I wanted James Coney Island hot dogs. 5 of them. Covered with that cheese-from-a-gun they use and onions.


No! I told myself no, there was tomatillo soup at home, and leftovers from the previous night's dinner. At the least, I could get a chicken sandwich at Whataburger of Wendys and eat it with a bowl of the soup.

By 9:10, after pretty much staring at the burning countdown for the last 5 minutes (my stomach wouldn't allow me to read in peace), the final nail was driven into the coffin of my logical eating habits for this night.

The CD burn had failed, totally. The CD was ruined, and the extra hour in the office was a waste. My stomach roared disapproval, and outright commanded my brain to give in – get the dogs, GET THEM NOW FOR ME, you OWE it to me, you BASTARD. As much as I tried to resist, I knew it was a futile exercise to even try,

Nevertheless, all the way home I tried to convince myself to just go home, dredge up some popcorn or something and go to bed. By the time I got to the tollway (15 minutes from home), it was hopeless. I was going to James Coney Island, they WERE going to be open, I WAS going to get the 5 cheese-only hot dogs, and the only questions were whether I was getting french fries and how I planned on making it home without eating the dogs in the car.

My mouth was watering so much as I pulled up to JCI at 9:45, I thought I might never eat again. Fortunately, they are open until 10 PM. Unfortunately, I wasn't the only poor soul giving into a hot dog craving. It took almost 15 full minutes to get my dogs, however, the screaming voice in my ear (from my gut) had subsided slightly. I imagined it slouched back with a smug smile on it's stomachy face.

I managed to get the dogs home, and gave all the way in. I sat down at the computer, cracked open a beer, and wolfed down the completely processed foods.

Holy shit it was good. I could have eaten 10 more I think. My stomach finally was satisfied


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