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Searching for the Buddig chicken of leftovers (BACKPOST)

Posted by beer_chris on 16-August-2004

I really don't like leftovers. I have friends who can't let a single morsel of food go to waste – they'll even eat the same thing for days on end, sometimes even planning to cook something just to have the leftovers. There are very, very few foods that I feel taste better the second time around. Meatloaf makes a heck of a sandwich the next day, spread with hot mustard and sharp cheddar, but I think it's just as good fresh out of the oven the night it's cooked. Experimenting with new dishes and not liking leftovers is a recipe for waste. There have been many times when I have cooked a dish I really liked, eaten it as leftovers and been ruined on it. I guess I'm weird that way. I prefer giving my food away rather then feeling the pressure to eat all of it. The really odd thing about me is that I will go to great pains to save food – peeling and sectioning a half dozen ripe peaches, mixing them with a little sugar and some bananas to make a fruit salad – and then abandon the product in the refrigerator until it (A) turns to mush or (B) begins to grow on it's own. JD and Whitney cook specifically to have leftovers – they'll make a weeks worth of spaghetti and then happily graze off of that for a week. I really struggle with that, heck, I just can't do it.

Strangely, part of it has to do with my disdain for eating the same thing twice. That's strange because I really do enjoy eating the same thing over and over for lunch. During high school, I think I ate the same thing (or a very near variation) just about every day. For some reason, maybe it's familiarity, I just can't do the same with dinner foods. Even leftover pizza sits uneaten in my fridge. I've been known to make desserts, eat a serving when it is ready, and then let it go bad.

I can't explain it. Maybe I just can't get anything that I like as much as those Carl Buddig chicken sandwiches from high school.


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