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Miceli giving up taters? Nah, I just ate a sandwich at the wrong time. (BACKPOST)

Posted by beer_chris on 22-October-2004

With the Astros loss yesterday in Game 7 of the NLCS, I'm being forced to consider the lunacy and possible reality of my food superstitions. One of the things I'd been telling all my friends was that I was not permitted to eat a sandwich during an Astros playoff game. I had made a simple ham and cheese during Game 4 of the division series against Atlanta, and we coughed it up (the game) late. In Game 2, I ate a bologna and cheddar, and we lost again. I swore I would not eat a sandwich again during an Astros game.

During Game 5 of the NLCS, I cooked a Totinos party pizza (meat combo) during the 9'th, and the Astros won the game on a walk-off homerun. I ate it after the game. So, last night, with the Astros down, my stomach grumbling and no Totinos pizzas around, I decided I would back off and try the approach that I think helped the Astros get to the playoffs to begin with.

I stopped believing.

I quit on the Astros in late July, when they were somewhere near .500 with 4 teams ahead of them in the wild card race. They proved me wrong, even though up until the last day of the season I continued to believe they would not make it. My food superstitions were a byproduct of believing again, and so I thought perhaps by dismissing them for a few innings maybe the Astros could recapture that spark – the spark of disbelief from Chris White.

So, with the 'Stros down 2 in the 7'th, I went into the kitchen and made a bologna and cheese. It sure was good. The Astros promptly gave up another run, and did nothing else offensively, losing the game and the series.

Was it my fault? Maybe, but probably just because I didn't have my lucky hat on.

G O A S T R O S ! ! !


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