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Greenspoint restaurants – Phase 1

Posted by beer_chris on 5-May-2005

I recently moved jobs to the Greenspoint area, and have been on a quest to find some of the same great, cheap lunch places I learned to love in Baytown. Here's a current accounting:

Rocky's Subs (Greens Rd & 45 next to the Kroger)
Pretty darn good cheesesteaks at a reasonable price. A 10 inch sandwich with white American cheese and about a pound of shredded lean beef (sirloin?), along with a 8 oz bag of Fritos and free-refill Diet Pepsi is ~6 bucks. Buy it on Tuesday (when it is on special), and it's yours for $5.25. I usually get the hot pepper cheesesteak, which comes with some jalapenos in the meat. They have Italian subs, but these are made with cooked salami and canned ham with Italian dressing – no sopresetta or mortadella, and certainly no basalmic vinegar. They also have pizzas although I haven't yet tried them. I hit this place a few times a week.

Amos' Caribbean Kitchen
Little Jamaican place, looks new, on Imperial Valley in the 'Food Town' shopping center. I had jerk chicken dinner with red beans and rice, about $6.50 for that plus iced tea. About a pound to a pound and a half of chicken – not bad, and the spices were really good – hot, spicy, rich, just like I would expect. Have only been here once, but will come back.

Cajun Town
This place is in the same center as Amos', and was written up in the Press a few weeks ago. The owner is a former busboy/waiter/cook/manager at Pappadeaux, and many of the same approaches to food remain, although the service is walk-up, not sit-down. Had Boudin and rice, $5 (not bad) with a drink. OK. Might come back, but it was kind of busy for the food quality.

Huetamo Taqueria
On Aldine Bender and Imperial Valley. Classic hole-in-the-wall Taq. Chips and FANTASTIC red salsa on the table – had refrescas, but no tamarindo, so I didn't try any (I really wanted tamarindo – they had pina, but I passed on that – not a big fan of pineapple with my salsa). Typical Taq menu, with meat choices that could be put into tacos a-la carte or as tortas. They advertised pork al pastor, not something you see everywhere, so I ordered a torta, and was not disappointed. Not as good as Ricardos in Baytown, but quite tasty. Total charge – $2.50 for a 7″ torta with guac and chips and salsa. What a steal! This place also has nopalitos on the menu, so I'll be trying those as well.


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