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Stuff is growing…

Posted by beer_chris on 11-May-2005

My yard is turning into a regular culinary experiment. The sweet and regular basil that died back this winter is growing again. The jalapeno pepper bush that I cut back in January has sprouted back again, healthy as ever. Every bed we haven't cleaned out is filled with broadleaf chocolate mint (that stuff is darn prolific), my loquat trees have finally relinquished all of their fruit, and I have a wild strawberry vine growing in the backyard.

This doesn't even count the small wild onions that came up last month, the banana tree and the muscadine grapevine and bitter orange tree in my neighbor's yard – AND – that's just what we aren't cultivating on purpose.

Included in the on-purpose food is our Meyer lemon tree (sad as it may be) and the half-dozen tamarind seeds I planted a few weeks ago, along with my hop vines (which are finally coming up, 6 weeks after planting the rhizomes)

Hopefully I'll have some time this weekend to complete my herb garden, and can sow my tomatoes. I've also been really interested (ever since sowing the tamarind seeds) in growing a bay tree from seed (apparently VERY hard) and perhaps growing an olive tree as well.


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