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I realize now the bologna has nothing to do with the matter

Posted by beer_chris on 20-October-2005

It's worth sharing that the somewhat insane food-based superstitions I've held for some time I believe are gone now. At least somewhat. No longer do I feel that bologna and cheese sandwiches have something to do with Astros relievers giving up dingers. I'm pretty sure it had more to do with Dan Miceli then with meat that has a first and second name. I even ate a ham and cheese during Game 4, and we pulled it out.

I also have dismissed my need to eat two (2) Totinos party pizzas (combination) in the first three innings of each playoff game to seal the win. The Astros did just fine without my consumption of this particular frozen masterpiece.

No, that stuff is hooby-dooby crap – I realize that now.

What I now know to be true is the power of seafood. Specifically, stone crab. Monday night, Game 5, was spent at Trulucks. It being all one can shove into ones mouth night, Brendan and I happily obliged. We ate. and ate. and ate. Then we waited, ate a little more and then, ate a little more. I think I had 21 claws, B slightly more then that. By the end of our meal, reclining deeply and enjoying some Courvoisier (we were still at the restaurant), Berkman had hit his homer, and it was 'on' for the good guys.

Then we paid the bill and left.

Before we got home, Eckstein (he puts the 'hit' in bullshit) had rallied with 2 outs and 2 strikes in the 9'th, Edmonds had walked, and Pujols had clocked a slider that must have been twice as meaty as those delectable crab claws looked to me dipped in drawn butter.

In Game 6 I made the elk chili again (except this time with beef instead). The Astros pulled it out and made the series. Truly, I'm better now – I don't believe the chili had anything to do with that win.

Lucky for me there isn't a Monday night game in this series – if rain delays or something else make that happen, I know where I need to be – Trulucks, gulping down the claws – and this time I had BEST not stop before the end of the 9'th, unless I'm trying to seal my team's fate again.


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