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Art imitates life and vice versa?

Posted by beer_chris on 31-October-2005

It may be debatable to consider 'The Simpsons' as art, but certainly McDonalds has created new questions about the influence of the show on American culture. On my way home today, I heard a promo on the radio for the annual McRib madness. However, this time the ad was simply an excited man exclaiming his love for the McRib, how he remembered when it was launched in 1982, his first McRib, how good it was etc. Then he began shilling for a website. Apparently, when 'a limited time' is up this year McDonalds is retiring the McRib for good. The site details the McRib 'farewell tour', and includes a 'Save the McRib' petition that true fans can sign to try and beg McDonalds to bring it back.

Sound familiar? Here's the synopsis for “I'm Spelling As Fast As I Can” from the 2002 (14'th season) of 'The Simpsons'

If I remember correctly, the Krustyburger Ribwich was made from some type of insect.

I've never eaten a McRib, and I probably won't start now, but this strange promotion (not entirely shocking that it is totally contrived – the petition is sponsored by the BPFAA – the Boneless Pig Farmers Association of America) definitely has peaked my curiosity. I may not be lovin' it, but I'm at least listenin'.


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