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Food poisoning sux

Posted by beer_chris on 5-November-2005

Well, I'm just now recovering from the worst single case of food poisoning I believe I've ever had in my life. Without diving into the gory details, my digestive tract was in such bad shape I lost an entire night's sleep, and ran a fever of 100-102 for about 36 hours.

Amazingly exhausting – I couldn't even walk from the bed to the kitchen without resting yesterday, and Tylenol barely scraped my fever until yesterday afternoon (about 24 hrs in). I've been in dire straits before, but this was the first time I think the cause was something I cooked vs. restaurant food – some 3 day old leftover pasta – something I've eaten many, many times before.

I was starting to fear that perhaps I had stomach flu – but things are remarkably better today, I'm up and about finally, although my abdominals and lower back are insanely sore from the combo of laying in bed for a full day and the stress put on them related to what happens when you have food poisoning.


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