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Some amount of confidence returns

Posted by beer_chris on 22-December-2005

I feel like crap. This is the second head cold I've had this fall/winter, and it's a doozy. As I approach 30 I seem to either get stomach flu or this kind of slow-me-down-but-not-stop-me cold. Just bad enough to make me feel terrible, but not bad enough to lay me up. That way I get to really suffer by going to work and trying to trudge through my normal routine.

In any case, I had no idea what to make for dinner, so stopped into Kroger after a little Christmas shopping. Picked up some lamb chops in the discount meat bin, some fresh thyme and a new thing of Day Quil. My not-so sharp brain slowly started to weigh options. As I got in the car, I was thinking pan roasted lamb with fettucini alfredo.

Blech. Last thing I need is thick cream sauce with this cold. Not to mention I made mac and cheese last week.

By the time I was home I was thinking some type of spice rub. That got lost because of the time it would take. Once I was heating the pans I was back to pan roasting with spaghetti on the side this time, and a pan reduction sauce with the sketti. As I pulled out ingredients and prepared the meat (I decided on an easy sprinkle of salt and pepper and chopped thyme, letting that rest for 10 minutes), I thought of risotto. A nice, creamy risotto on top of which I could perch my little chops.

Nah, too much work. Then I remembered that I had a bag of orzo I had been saving for some soup. Bingo. I cooked it up, seared the chops 4 minutes on each side and finished them in a 350 oven while I deglazed with chicken stock. Adding the orzo to the deglazing liquid made a nice thick, creamy lamb and pepper pasta – that tasted like risotto. Rest the meat for a few and the orzo cools, and voila – discount meat bin dinner, concocted and conceived on the fly.

Better experience then the mayonnaise, for sure, but I still feel effin terrible.


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