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The Haul

Posted by beer_chris on 2-January-2006

Going back to work tomorrow. After 9 days off (10 if you count my sick day on Friday the 23'rd), I'm not sure I remember what my job is. Now's as good a time as any to run down the Christmas food booty (footy?)

  • Large silpat (called roulpat or something). Not the one that has pie and pastry size markings on it, but pretty awesome. I was able to roll out 14 inch pizza dough on it and just barely go over the edges
  • Barbara Kafka's vegetable cookbook ('Vegetable Love'). Have already made my first recipe – an avocado and cherry tomato salad with basil and Meyer lemon-vinaigrette.
  • ATK binder style cookbook – designed to replace the ubiquitous BH&G cookbook everyone has. It's got some good stuff in it – it just may accomplish its goal in my kitchen
  • Two new cutting utensils – a microplane (finally, I really needed this. Thanks, B) and a mini mandoline with one of those new ceramic blades.
  • A super sparkling beautiful stainless steel pot rack from Pottery Barn
  • New set of casual glassware (juice and drinking) rom Crate and Barrel
  • Le Creuset soup tureen. I bought this for myself from Sur La Table on a trip to get something for someone else. I did, in fact, get the gift I went there for, just spent a little extra on myself.

Quite the haul – now that I've written it out. I still need a few things – a french style rolling pin (my marble one is in good shape but the handle is broken, and marble is a bit too heavy for good pie crust) and a new work bowl and pusher for my Cuisinart. I also want to get the grinder and pasta making attachments for my KitchenAid.


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