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Bread time!

Posted by beer_chris on 23-January-2006

Trying something new today. With the success of my frozen pizza dough last week (I made it on Sunday froze it, and thawed and ate it on Thursday), I'm trying the same with some baguette dough. I made a double batch of french bread dough out of my Kitchenaid cookbook (the one that came with my Accolade stand mixer).

Let it rise once, punch it down, freeze in a ziploc bag. We'll have to see if the yeast can survive.

Generally speaking from my homebrewing experience, yeast are pretty darn adaptable creatures. While freezing temperatures generally burst their little cell wall bodies, I'm hoping there is enough oomph left to create a couple of baguette-style loafs this week for dinner.

Side note – I've been pretty disappointed with the performance of the Kitchenaid with bread flour. It just can't handle more then 1 or 2 cups of the stuff. It rocks the bowl right off of the little slide lock mechanism. Maybe I need a Hobart (it's $1500 – maybe not). I made this recipe with bread flour (the all-purpose flour in the bread I had been making just made for a much too grainy crumb for my taste). With 7 cups of flour, my poor mixer did good just to form a ball. I had to knead it entirely by hand – this batch for 10 minutes. The last batch I only hand kneaded for about 5 mintes, and the crumb was still too soft for my taste (none of those nifty bubbles in the crumb caused by extra strong gluten strands).


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