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Alcohol + Rhohipnol = TABC training

Posted by beer_chris on 20-February-2006

Why is alcohol so taboo in our society? Texas has some backward laws when it comes to alcohol, even taking away the bizarre 'private club' service rules (aside – I wonder how long most people live in Texas before they become card carrying members of the statewide Unicard club? I'm a member since 2001: #50762563). I just completed the renewal of my TABC server-seller certification (ironically, taken at the Saint Arnold brewery), and the class focuses so much on how to protect oneself from liability it almost makes me forget that the TABC was the right hand of the temperance movement, and that's really what it's all about – that and collecting serious taxes for the state government.

That, and they did an entire 45 minutes (including a video culled from 20/20) about the evils of Rhohipnol. Ummmm, yeah. Rufies are bad. I get it. Bad people use it to rape women. Kind of odd, I thought. I guess the better they get the word out about the stuff, the less likely these sickos are going to be able to successfully squirt their 'Visine' into a woman's drink. It seemed a bit of an odd topic. What's next, an hour on watching out for pill pushers? Somehow I'm thinking I won't encounter a lot of this on the Saint Arnold brewery tour, but I guess Vigilance = Prevention in this case.

As I told Jaime, I'm more then happy to have these types of discussions about the social ills of all sorts of things, but this material is not on the test to become a server/seller. I was there to take the test, not have social debates and watch old episodes of broadcast news magazines. I gave up 4 hours of my life IN ORDER TO take the test (you have to complete 4 hours of training to qualify for the exam). If there isn't 4 hours of material related to what is on the test to review, then why do we have to make up corollary topics (relevant as they may be)? Why not simply shorten the class?

Sigh. Not much I can do I guess. I can't imagine rallying much support in Austin to remove date rape topics from TABC courses so guys like me can spend one less hour in the class. In any case I did find this frustrating.

Did learn something rather interesting. The manufacturers of Rhohipnol have modified the drug so that it colors clear liquids blue and precipitates in dark liquids, making them appear like hot chocolate. Certainly this is no guarantee, but I did learn something (there – now I feel better about it)

I kind of felt like maybe I was on Rhohipnol during the class. Hard to stay awake .

Listening to these instructors, you would think the TABC has an inspector in every bar – coming up with new a devious ways to trap, er, discover sellers that will provide alcohol to minors. Maybe they are the ones that can solve our border crisis or resolve the HPD manpower shortage. Or perhaps they can police the U.A.E. port security coming to a dock near you.

Who knows. All I do know is that if my friends want to take the Saint Arnold tour without coughing up 5 bucks, they're going to have to do something nice for me – volunteer servers can put names on the list to be let in free.


2 Responses to “Alcohol + Rhohipnol = TABC training”

  1. Every little bit of information that makes us safer is worthwhile.

    • ytee said

      One of the odd things about switching to WordPress and having my blog turn up in searches is the popularity of this post. Appears Rhohipnol is a popular search topic out there on the interwebs.

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