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Cheese list from Jaime's party

Posted by beer_chris on 23-February-2006

Cashel Irish Blue
From: Ireland
Milk: Cow
Ireland's Beechmount Farm makes this superb blue cheese. Louis and Jane Grubb own this farm in the rolling hills of Tipperary. This county is the heart of horse country and a center for outdoor activity, including pony rides, treks on horseback, fishing, riding, and bird watching. The folks in Tipperary enjoy the good things in life, including their cheese. Cashel Blue is a young, somewhat mild and extra creamy cheese that, unlike inferior blues, is not too salty. It is a fabulous alternative to Gorgonzola or Stilton.

From the iGourmet Encyclopedia of Cheese

Butlers Golden Speckle (Lancashire & Apricots)
From: England
Milk: Cow
Lancashire, where the Butlers dairy is situated, is in the North West region of England. The lush green pasturelands are still dotted with traditional stone built farms, a selection of which keep the Lancashire cheese making tradition alive today .The majority of the remaining farms produce the high quality Lancashire milk that is used in the cheeses production. Lancashire provides the unique variations in weather and the luscious green grasses that gives local cows the nutrients they need to produce such distinguishable milk. This milk has helped farmers make Lancashire cheese for centuries, being used in recipes passed down through generation after generation of skilled cheese makers who have upheld the long lasting traditions of its history to this day.
Lancashire cheeses differ greatly in character, ranging from quite firm in texture to very crumbly and from strong, sharp tastes to soft and creamy flavours. This wide spectrum of qualities makes Lancashire cheeses extremely versatile. It can be used in breakfasts, lunches and salads and for cooking as it melts and stays soft without turning rubbery. Tasty Lancashire is perfect with pasta dishes. Perfect partners for Lancashire cheeses are full-bodied Red Wines or a good bottle of Port.

Adapted from content found on the Butler's Dairy website

Ptit Basque
Origin: France
Milk: Sheep
This semi-soft sheeps milk cheese is handmade in the French Pyrenees. P'tit Basque, made from pure sheep's milk, has a rather dry texture and an earthy, nutty flavor.

From the iGourmet Encyclopedia of Cheese

Wallace and Gromits Wensleydale
Origin: England
Milk: Cow
Enjoy our cheeky friends' favourite nibble! Real Traditional Wensleydale from Hawes (for children great and small). Children have sensitive taste buds, and they will love this delicious cheese in preference to strong, acidic varieties. It is extremely nutritious, rich in vitamins, and suitable for snacks encouraging healthy teeth and bones

From the Wensleydale Creamery website

Tillamook Monterey Jack
Origin: USA (Oregon)
Milk: Cow
Monterey Jack cheese obtained its name from Monterey County, California, where it was first manufactured as a “farm cheese” by Spanish-speaking pioneers in the area. David Jacks, a businessman of that era, began marketing the cheese, where it became known as “Jack” cheese as well as “Monterey” cheese.
Tillamook Monterey Jack cheese is made with pasteurized milk and does not need to age to develop its mild, fresh flavor. Monterey Jack is sometimes referred to as a stirred curd or washed curd cheese. Unlike cheddar, the curd is rinsed with warm water and stirred before salting. Monterey Jack, traditionally a white cheese, has no color added

From the Tillamook cheese website

Tillamook Sharp Cheddar
Origin: USA (Oregon)
Milk: Cow
Tillamook Sharp Cheddar cheeses are made using a microbial/vegetable-based rennet (which has Kosher and Halal certification, and is approved for vegetarian products). Milk color tends to vary during the course of the year due to changes in the cow's diet. For decades, cheddar has been colored to maintain consistency in its appearance throughout the year. In order to create the traditional yellow typical of cheddar, we incorporate a natural vegetable coloring extracted from the annatto tree grown in the tropics.
Tillamook Sharp Cheddar is aged for over 9 months for a full-flavored sharp taste

From the Tillamook cheese website

Lone Star Chevre
Origin: USA (Texas)
Milk: Goat
Fresh Artisan Goat Cheese ” – Made with 100% fresh goat's milk. A true Texas Farmstead Goat Cheese made faithful to the traditional methods of the farmstead cheesemakers of old. HAND LADLED, small batches, made with no preservatives, stabilizers or artificial ingredients. This method results in a fresh, mild ,creamy Texas fresh cheese. Lone Star Chevre can be substituted for cream cheese and contains half the fat and calories of cream cheese. Use for your favorite dips, hors d'oeuvres, and sauces. Crumble on salads or serve alone with crackers. Spread the Lone Star chevre/pesto on a loaf of crusty bread and bake in the oven to release the olive oil in the pesto. A tasty treat to mix with pasta to create an authentic Italian style dish.

From the online store

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