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Greatest Go Texan Day EVER!

Posted by beer_chris on 24-February-2006

The property management company provided free stuffed baked potatoes (they called it chopped beef, but it was more like Manwich) However, they also offered fresh popped kettle corn, cotton candy and live music.

It was easily the best Go Texan Day ever in my life, including school days, even when I was in TX History class and we got to watch a movie. I think the movie was 'The Diary of Anne Frank'. My Texas History teacher, Mr. Melore, had this thing about the Anne Frank story. I have no idea what this had to do with Texas History, but apparently something really important, because we spent tons of time on it. Anyway, I digress…

The best part was one of my employees from AZ asking 'what he should do' with his stuffed potato after he picked it up, and what the giant tubs of onions were for that people were digging into like crazy.

EAT IT, dummy!


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