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Italian sub time

Posted by beer_chris on 5-March-2006

JD and I brewed today – a Munich-style Helles to be lagered for the next few months and hauled to the Lippke family reunion in early June.

Generally on brew days we eat lunch together, and today JD requested that I bring the fixins for Italian subs. I had a wild hair for italian-style subs in late 2004, and made them quite frequently. Today's incarnation was pretty good, and in prepping the ingredient list I realized I'd never posted anything about them here.

The worst part is that that deli bill can run up to about $30 or $40 if you're not careful (or if you're hungry when you go to the store). I've never bought anything but Boars Head for these, probably because I am am partial to the brand from my time behind the deli counter at Randalls, but probably also because some of these meats I just don't see anywhere else – Boars Head typically is more expensive and provides for a larger selection.

For most of these meats I don't have a clue how they are made or even, maybe, what animal they come from. For grins I'll post my impression of the meat and then the definition from my Food Lover's Companion ASIDE: Well, the Food Lover's Companion doesn't have a good index to italian meats. I had to revert to various Internet links as noted)

Sopressata – Some type of salted cured ham, kind of like prosciutto, but not nearly as salty or as cured. A little tough. I'm guessing this is made from pork leg, like ham is.
Bottom line (multiple sources). Looks like it is some type of salami, so not actually a ham. But it is cured with peppercorns and aged like 6 weeks – not as long as prosciutto, but still long enough to get kind of tough.

Cappcollo – Like Sopressata, but sweeter. Seems to come from the belly, like bacon, because it is fattier then sopressata and melts away as you eat it. Yum.
Bottom line ( Looks like I'm pretty much right about this one, although the origin of the meat seems not to matter all that much.

Mortadella w/Pistachios: Some type of fatty bologna. Tastes very mellow, lots of little fatty chunks like head cheese.
Bottom line ( Heh, right again! The original bologna!

Genoa Salami: Soft salami (as opposed to hard salami). Better then the Oscar Meyer kind with peppercorns in it that you have to peel the edge off of.
Bottom line (From Food Lover's Companion). Genoa salami is made with pork and veal. That it is not hard is strictly to do with the aging process it undergoes.

Also had some black forest ham, but that was really for my lunches this week, and topped it with sharp provolone and a fresh garlic, basalmic vinegar and olive oil dressing. Used Sara Lee hoagie rolls (these are truly the best – better then Peppridge Farm because they stay together even with lots of meat inside) and a little bit of shredded lettuce and finely sliced onions.


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