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Posted by beer_chris on 6-March-2006

OK, I've tried Ytee's Mighty Marinara a couple of other times, and I'm now convinced. It's the anchovies that make the dang thing. I tried it without the little salty fishies and with an extra bay leaf, and had nothing but a metallic tasting mess. This time round I added three fillets, and the sauce had a fuller, rounder body then ever before. I think the addition of more then a tbsp total of oil adds a bit too much greasiness, but the end result is still fantastic.

Additionally, in n=2 I used dried oregano, which is just plain soapy tasting. Fresh is SOOO much better (and I happen to have some growing in my backyard).

All in all, take n=1, add an additional fillet, and cut the oil down to 1 tbsp total (including what comes in from the sun dried tomatoes) and you have n=3.

Here's the adjusted recipe (previous values in strikethrough, new values in bold text):

Ytee's Mighty Marinara (n=3)

2 1 tbsp oil (I used the drippings from the italian sausage I browned for the pasta)
1 tbsp fennel seed, ground
3 cloves garlic, pressed
2 3 anchovy fillets
1 28 oz can whole tomatoes and juice
1-2 tbsp tomato paste
1/4 c sun dried tomatoes + oil
1/8 cup fresh oregano (torn)
1/8 cup fresh basil (torn)
1 bay leaf

Heat the oil, garlic & anchovy until the garlic becomes aromatic. Add all other ingredients and simmer until thickened. The whole tomatoes will break up, but be sure to leave some chunks.

Reduce until thick and bubbly


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