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Final thoughts on Scotland and n=4

Posted by beer_chris on 29-March-2006

Just a few final thoughts on Scotland, now 1 week since I've been back:

  • Food there was much better then I expected. Traditional thinking says that Scotland, England and the UK in general is all bland foods soaked in butter and cream (potatoes, wierd stuff like haggis, etc), but aside from not enough 'chilli' flavor for my taste everything was actually quite tasty.
  • Even the coffee was good – which surprised me a bit.
  • I had no idea how strong CAMRA is in Scotland, and I never expected for this trip to be so much about beer for me – but when the opportunity is there and your host is a Real Ale aficionado, you roll with the punches (so-to-say 😉
  • Beef is a big deal, and has just recently made a comeback in the area from the mad cow scare of a few years ago. Angus beef tastes very much like the beef we eat here in Texas, probably since most of the beef cattle in the US are an Angus crossbreed.

Made n=4 of Ytee's Mighty Marinara on Sunday for pizza with the parents. Since the only real problem was too much oil last time, I simply omitted the sun dried tomatoes. I think it still tasted as rich and full. Additionally, I left out a step last time which I have done since n=2. I have been trimming the stem end of the canned tomatoes – I found those do not dissolve away quite like the seeds do in the sauce, and so removing them makes for a smoother consistency. Recipe follows (changes in strikethrough or bold:

Ytee's Mighty Marinara (n=3)

2 1 tbsp oil (I used the drippings from the italian sausage I browned for the pasta)
1 tbsp fennel seed, ground
3 cloves garlic, pressed
2 3 anchovy fillets
1 28 oz can whole tomatoes and juice
1-2 tbsp tomato paste
1/4 c sun dried tomatoes + oil
1/8 cup fresh oregano (torn)
1/8 cup fresh basil (torn)
1 bay leaf

Drain the tomatoes, reserving the juice. Trim all tomato 'stems' off of the canned tomatoes and add trimmed fruits to the juice.

Heat the oil, garlic & anchovy until the garlic becomes aromatic. Add all other ingredients and simmer until thickened. The whole tomatoes will break up, but be sure to leave some chunks.

Reduce until thick and bubbly


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