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A B word kind of night

Posted by beer_chris on 30-March-2006

I think the 'B' in Baytown stands for 'Blame'. Or maybe that's the 'B' in BTEC. Who knows.

All I do know is that my former customers are trying to blame me for the failure of their tool. They couldn't define a spec – they couldn't even test it, or put it front of the users for feedback. Yet, 1 year later, the fact that those same customers won't accept it is somehow my fault.

And I'm expected to calmly offer my 'perspective' on this problem.

And I'm asked at 5:50 PM on a Thursday.

Totally, totally classic. Maybe the 'B' stands for Bonehead.

In any event, it was not my objective to be totally off topic with this post. No, my intention is to document my approach to food in this situation. I was, needless to say, a bit Bothered today when I left work (heh, another B-word). I went to watch Jaime play v-Ball at the Y, and when we left about 8:30, I started to feel a bit hungry.

I don't know if it was the way my stomach had turned upside down when I got my lovely late evening Baytown Surprise, or if it was my simple meal this afternoon of sardines and coffee, but I was ready for some spicy wings.

So Jaime and I hit BW3. I still call it that. Although not in this blog, many times I've expressed my disdain at the 'new' B-dubs. I hate that they dropped the 'Weck' from the name, basically eliminating the '3' in BW3, and I hate that they seem to have focused too much on standardizing their beer offerings. As soon as we sat down, I ordered a Saint Arnold – making sure to pronounce it carefully since I've had a lot of trouble in the past with waitresses nodding at my order of a Saint Arnold, only to come back looking very embarrassed, no beer in hand, asking me to repeat my order. The poor thing never really understood me to begin with, but was too ashamed to ask me to repeat myself. Apparently it's better to *pretend* that you understand what your customer orders, make him wait for 5 minutes, only to come back and have to start over again.

Maybe I'm the only person who tips lower in this situation. Maybe there are lots of really shallow, easily pleased men out there who appreciate having to order a beer twice and only drink it once – just for the distinct pleasure of having a waitress admit she didn't understand what you said.

Maybe…I'm just strange – errr – a Bastard.

In this case, my waitress understood me – but she still came back empty handed, and with the disturbing message that there is no Saint Arnold – and by the way she's never heard of such a beer (with the distinct implication in her tone that it might not exist). Well, I decided to press my case. After all, I'd had a bit of a rough evening already, and ther being the little fact that – this being Thursday and all – I ordered Saint Arnold only 4 days before – Sunday. I was pretty darn sure it was there and she just didn't know what she was asking for (i.e. the whole didn't understand me to begin with thing again).

And gosh darn it, I needed one!

She double checked, and told me the bartender said that it had never been on tap.

Huh? I decided I was a lost cause, and just ordered a Bud Select. When I got done, I moseyed on up to the bar to see for myself. No Saint Arnold tap.

What the fuck had I been drinking on Sunday then? Fat Tire? Sierra Nevada?

I'm really bothered by this. I explained to the waitress that if I were to ask her, say, the difference between Wild and the new Mango Habanero sauce flavors, if she couldn't tell me that would probably be considered a big deal. Or, if I ordered Sweet BBQ and she didn't really understand me and thought I said Hot BBQ (but didn't double check), how terrible would that be to get one of the hotter sauces on my wings instead of one of the mild ones?

Those, I reasoned, would be pretty serious offenses for a waitress in a BW3 restaurant (or even a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant), but apparently it is simply A-OK to have absolutely no clue what beer was available and what it tasted like.

Or in my case, at least on Sunday, to serve me a beer I didn't order and hope I didn't notice.

Would it be OK to stare me in the face and tell me 'I don't know' what sauces are available, or what the wing special is on a given day? Of course not. But somehow it's entirely acceptable to give me the 'not my problem' stare when I ask for a list of the beers on tap that aren't in the menu, or to outright lie (and know it) and tell me there aren't any ('Sorry sir, we just have Miller Light, Budweiser and Bud Light')

I AM SICK OF IT ! ! ! ! ! !

I'm not sure what pisses me off more – the fact that this confusion happens constantly in the 'new' BW3 restaurants, or if I really and truly was unable to tell the difference between Saint Arnold Amber and whatever it was that I actually was served on Sunday night.


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