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So, is this gross?

Posted by beer_chris on 4-April-2006

Well, I've eaten and enjoyed worse then this (anchovy and cottage cheese sandwiches, anyone?), but as I looked at my plate tonight I though perhaps I'd topped even that.

Got home from volleyball and after my shower all I could think about was a fine meal of sardines packed in oil and sharp cheddar cheese. I went to the cabinet and realized I had a pack of kipper snacks** left. Put that on a plate with the cheddar, and then squirted some Plochman's mustard on the side. (interesting fact – Plochman's sponsors a mustard lovers club. Need I say more??)

I topped it off with one of the flour tortillas from Sunday night's Lupe meal, poured a tall glass of milk and had myself one hell of a tasty dinner. The smoky herring mixed with the sharp cheese, hot dog mustard and roasted flour-y flavor of the tortilla was simply great. Washed down with cold milk, ir was better then that – it was perfect – hit the spot.

Is this gross? It kinda' feels like it (but it's awfully yummy. If you haven't had a kipper snack and you at all enjoy fish, you should really try it out).

**Kipper snack (from my 'Food Lover's Companion') – herring which has been split and cured by salting, drying and cold smoking. Herring is an oily whitefish – young specimens are known as sardines.

As an additional side note, I've been further exploring the Plochman's website, and this page of 'mustard facts, history and myth' is hilarious and interesting all at once. A sample:

Which has a longer history, Plochman’s Mustard or a Van Gogh painting?

Answer: Plochman’s mustard. Van Gogh wasn’t born until 1853, one year after our company started.

The Premium Mustard Mills, which eventually became Plochman, Inc., started the year before Vincent was born. Although they began about the same time, there the similarities end. A Van Gogh costs millions now, and few people own them. A bottle of Plochman's costs little, but millions own them. You can look forward to a new jar of Plochman's as being authentic. Don't expect the same from a new Van Gogh.


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