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The Schwarzbier is even BETTER now!!

Posted by beer_chris on 6-April-2006


I've for some time been meaning to outfit my beer fridge with a splitter so that I can tap two kegs at once. I've been putting this off, mainly because I just don't drink enough to really make it a necessity. I usually work my way through one keg of homebrew and then work on the other one – or if I switch between them I switch for a reasonable amount of time – like an evening.

Needless to say, I've had the keg of schwarzbier waiting patiently in the fridge for me to finish the whiskey porter. Since I blew that keg on Sunday, and had a hankering for a pint before bed tonight, I thought I would go to the trouble of switching out the tap this evening.

Oh my freaking goodness, the schwarzbier is simply fantastic. Lagers improve with age – according to brewing legend, that's the origin of the term 'lager'. Collective wisdom would hold that the term means 'to age', although I've really never seen that confirmed anywhere.

It was roasty, smooth and amazingly drinkable when it came out of the lagering fridge a few months ago. Today it seems to have concentrated those great qualities – it now is a combination of the best qualities of Guinness, Shiner and Dos XX lager – all in the same brew. It's roasty and smooth in your mouth like Guinness – but the burnt coffee and chocolate flavors are left out, and it is not at all heavy. It's amber hued and only slightly malty like Shiner, but without the strange 'edge' that Shiner often has when it is not served extra cold. Lastly, it's easy drinking and effervescent like Dos XX Lager, but it does not have the skunky green bottle import flavor.

It could be the perfect beer…


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