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Miguel Out?

Posted by beer_chris on 20-April-2006

Miguel got kicked off of Top Chef last night. Honestly, as much as I disliked Miguel for going apeshit crazy last week when Tiffani attacked him, he has been a giant mess, and I think he should have been the one gone with the whole confusing salt for sugar incident.

Even though I like Stephen (regardless of what the show producers want me to think), I think the weakness of the red room Spanish concept had nothing to do with the food, it was the service and the setup. Stephen couldn't even admit that his customers were unhappy – unable to reconcile that people might say something different to your face then on an anonymouse comment card? C'mon. He was responsible (entirely) for the front of the house, and that was the weakest link of the weakest rstaurant. He should have been gone. It wasn't fair in this case to find the guy who wasn't responsible for anything and kick him off – kick off the one who was most responsible for the problems.

Stephen should have been gone. At the end of every episode there is a little blurb about how the judges consult with the producers on elimination decisions. That's got to be the only reason this cat is still on – he's good TV.

Additionally, Dave freakin' went nuts again, jumping all over Tiffani's case and getting all personally offended when she tried to get herself to Cannes. I seriously cannot believe they picked his basket-case self to go.

In any case, it's getting down to the core of talented people now. I think Dave is next off.

Also, I find it extremely annoying that reality shows like this include in their intros all of the original contestants. Ken was eliminated in the week one pilot! Get him out of my face!

As an aside – I heard Stephen pronounce 'Rioja' the way I do (Ree-Oh-Hah), and not like my wine loving coworker in Scotland did (Ree-Ock-ah), which embarrassed me a bit at the dinner table at the time. It kinda made me look and feel like I was being pretentious about something I knew nothing about – pronouncing a varietal incorrectly. Admittedly, I don't know much about growing regions in Spain, but I was at least ordering based on my understanding of the key qualities and tastes of that type of grape.

Vindication feels good!


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