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Posted by beer_chris on 18-May-2006

Over the past few days on my way home from work I've heard a Hershey commerical for their 'wrapper cash' promotion. At the end of the commercial the female announcer changes her voice to the quiet rushed tone reserved only for legal disclaimers:

'Remember, fine candies are intended to be enjoyed in moderation'

Um, next time tort reform comes up for a vote, I'm freakin' all-in. It is INANE that a candy company feels a need to offer up guidance on how not to get fat eating their product, presumably to avoid lawsuits (I guess??)

The sad part is I'll remember this stupid line next time I'm eating a Hershey bar.

Oh, and for what it's worth, I initially cheered Russ Springer, and now I feel kinda' bad about it.


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