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RIP Old German

Posted by beer_chris on 21-June-2006

Made a tasty pesto tonight from a recipe in a magazine my mother brought back from the CIA in Napa. I've got a lot of fresh basil that is itching to flower, and so I need to use it, and I happened to have some pine nuts, parsley and parmigiana as well – it turned out quite tasty. I mixed a cup of it with some sour cream and added it to a chicken stock deglazing liquid to make a sour cream/pesto sauce for some chicken breast. It was yummy.

My greatest pride, one of my heirloom Old German tomatoes – the only large one I had on the vine – bit the dust this week. All of the rain caused heat cracks to form on the fruit, and my monster was no exception. It was half rotten today and full of bugs – completely unsalvageable. The stem connecting it to the plant was as thick around as my pinky, and the tomato, just beginning to blush a bit (indicating a bit more growing to go) was easily a 1 pound fruit, as big as both my fists held together.

A few more fruit are setting, but with the heat of the summer setting in there won't be any more legendary Old Germans.

I was really looking forward to slicing that one up and eating it on a burger on July 4'th. Oh well.


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