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A change in strategy

Posted by beer_chris on 3-July-2006

I've been thinking about ways to update this journal more frequently and get more utility out of it, and I think I'm going to shift into more of a 'mealblogging' mode and see how that goes. This will serve two purposes – it will help me update the blog more frequently, with hopefully shorter posts, and will also give me some type of archive of dishes cooked, such that when I want to have the pasta dish I whipped up on the fly three weeks ago that turned out so good I don't have to try and remember exactly what leftover item went into it. In any case, I'm thinking of playing with tags to help make this work, but we'll see what makes sense.

Tonight was:

Warmed up purple hull peas I cooked on Sunday as well as INSANE cornbread, made with:
1c flour
1c cornmeal + a little extra
1tbsp powder
2 eggs
1c milk (1%)
1/2c Matouks hot pepper sauce
1/4 c butter (melted)

HS was this HOT, and GREAT. This Matouks sauce is something I had at a Cuban place on Bissonnet I went to with my PUs the other week, and I found a hotter version then what was at the restaurant at Kroger this weekend. Wow was it great. I had the peas for lunch yesterday and really wanted some cornbread with 'em, and talking to my mom today came up with the idea of adding the Matouk's to the batter. I added a little extra cornmeal to make up for the extra moisture.

And hey dummy, if you are reading this some time in the future and you still haven't gotten a 9×9 pan, punch yourself in the gut stupid!


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