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Lawnmower chicken

Posted by beer_chris on 7-July-2006

There's lawnmower beer, why not lawnmower chicken?

I've had Za'atar on the brain the last few weeks. I've had about three-fourths of a 1 quart bag sitting in my pantry for probably three years now, just waiting for me to use it again. I finally decided tonight was the night. I had a ziploc in the fridge with a couple thawed chicken breasts in it, so I added a few tbsp of oil to the bag and just under a handful of za'atar. Added a tbsp of balsamic vinegar as well. Gave it a good shake and let it sit in the fridge for about 30 minutes while I mowed the grass.

Decided on lentils to go with the chicken – brought a tbsp of butter to foam, and threw maybe 2 or 3 tbsp of this heady North African spice mix called Harissa that I picked up in Pogosa CO last summer (jar says its Moroccan, Internet says it is Tunisian). Let that simmer a bit and then topped up with about 2 cups of leftover Swanson stock from my pantry (mainly chicken and a little beef). Added a cup of lentils and simmered for 30 minutes (covered).

I dropped a couple ears of the extra corn I had leftover from the 4th into a pot of boiling water. I fried up a couple strips of lean bacon in a tbsp of butter and set them aside. Poured the drippings into my skillet and sauteed the chicken (I cut it into chunks) for a few minutes.

Crumbled the cool bacon on top with some chopped cashews and had me a nice mediterranean themed meal (not counting the corn on the cob 😉

Turned out not so bad for a lawnmowing night.


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