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A rare night

Posted by beer_chris on 26-July-2006

Okee Smokee, tonight I REALLY wanted wings at BW-3, was willing to settle for a lighter bite at BJ's (along with some tasty beverages), and was finally convinced by my working-at-home wife that I should just come home.

I got home in no mood to cook – it was 8PM, I was tired – but I looked at the meal plan for the evening and lo and behold, I gained inspiration – chicken with pesto.

That sounded quite good to my growling stomach – and it was:
Medallions of chicken breast (filleted according to the instructions in Marcella Hazan's Italian Classics cookbook) sauteed in butter

For the pesto:
3 cups packed basil (fresh from my patio)
1/2 cup Italian parsley
1/2 cup pine nuts (toasted and cooled)
1/2 cup parmesan (grated)
3 cloves fresh garlic
1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil

Roasted pine nuts are just extravagantly flavored, with flavors of peanuts, cinnamon, anise, and cloves all wrapped inside the little oily brown exterior.

Pesto was smeared over the chicken medallions and topped with freshly ground pepper.

This was served with a two-cheese salad:
Mixed greens (from a Fresh Express sack, of course)
about 2 tbsp of Chevre (crumbled)
about 2 tsp sweaty foot stinkin Stilton (crumbled)
2 tsp extra virgin olive oil
a few grinds of black pepper

Also got the foolish fruit made tonight – Jaime approved, said it was yummy.

As I prepared the pesto ingredients, the sun was going down, and the entire outside of my patio turned pink. I had the thought that it's a rare night that a crazy, stormy day turns into a nearly pink evening. It certainly was a rare night, as I almost never start a full multi-course meal at at 8 PM and don't regret it.


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