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Using up hurricane supplies

Posted by beer_chris on 1-November-2006

I've been trying to figure out how to use up the remainder of my hurricane supplies – and much of the suspect stuff is potted meat of one kind or another. I at least was smart enough to buy brand name potted meat (my experiences with store brand potted chicken and fish in the past has been somewhat awful – bordering on eating the gooey residue left behind when ocean water is evaporated down).

Potted chicken, once sauteed in butter and not messed with too much (else it disentigrates into goop) makes a great salad topping.

SPAM is another matter. I've been struggling to come up with uses for the stuff aside from spam sushi. However, last night I mixed it with some ground beef and my CHW Chili recipe – and tasty was the result. I'm now thinking SPAM raviolois (SPAMiolis?) and maybe SPAM and pineapple pizza.

The stuff is pork, after all. Pork is good. Maybe I should enter the SPAM cookoff that's held every year?

Maybe not.

Now what to do with those store brand vienna sausages. What exactly is Viennese about these meat products?


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