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A quick thought on Top Chef

Posted by beer_chris on 3-November-2006

Otto got screwed in episode 2. Everyone knew those lychees had not been paid for – Marisa and Elia sold him out completly because they knew he was the likely one to be eliminated. I'm not sure why he wasn't honest from the beginning (cutting room floor maybe), but ultimately even though he got messed around he just didn't have what it takes. Emily pulled a Harold from season 1 at the kids school, and it cost her. She didn't respect her customers and that ultimately is what put her behind even Mike – although I respect a man who values beer as much as this guy does, sacrificing the cheese on a cheesesteak sandwich was a pretty huge mistake – and he used the cash to get Boddingtons for goodness sake. At least buy something tasty – there are options dude – you're in Cali.

I'm still backing Sam. I think he has what it takes – creativity, skill, execution. I think Josie has it too, but we haven't seen enough of either of them yet. That's what really makes me think they are going to be finishing near the top. Marcel seems to know what he's doing – and they are clearly trying too hard to get us to hate him. I think Betty is getting a lot of attention for not a lot of justifiable reason – she executes well – but does she have the think-on-her-feet creativity necessary to win? I don't think so.

One of the Top Chef community peeps called her the psycho bitchy morning show host who cooks. How long before she drives EVERYONE nutsy?


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