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Of course dahling, I'll meet you for brunch at the club!

Posted by beer_chris on 3-November-2006

I ate lunch at the Club today.

Just being in the place made me want to start talking out of my nose about whether or not we were going to join Kitty and Steve for their new yacht christening this weekend.

A bit snooty, a bit high on the hog – and I found I loved every minute of it.

A coworker discovered this week that membership at the Greenspoint Club is discounted to XOM employees – $89/month. That's about what I pay for Y membership – and no one greets me by name when I walk into the Y (ahem, when I walk into the Y – which admittedly hasn't been all that often lately).

Additionally, for another 10 bucks you get access to other 'affiliated' clubs in Houston – this includes the Houston Center Club, the Downtown Club, the Met, etc.

These are NICE places downtown. I've visited them only for company sponsored lunches, and I pretty much thought the only people that could afford membership at these kinds of places were the types with initials next to their surnames.

No, lowly corporate grunts like me are destined for the Y.

My coworker was given three free meals for he and a guest, and since I expressed interest in potentially checking the place out (to see how busy the fitness center was at lunchtime) he invited me up for today. I honestly expected that we would sit at some type of gym snackbar and have a club sandwich.

Boy was I wrong.

We entered a formal dining room – the maitre'd asked if we had a reservation – uh oh, I thought. When my coworker admitted he had never been there before and forgot they had told him he needed a reservation, the fellow calmly dismissed this as of little concern ('he could look up the member number, no problem') and showed us to our table, offering a welcome with just about each step.

Turns out he was more concerned that he did not know the member's name, as the entire rest of the visit my host was addressed as 'Mr. Ballard'.

The buffet lunch service included a made to order caesar salad bar, where a nice woman asked you exactly how much cheese and dressing you wanted before mixing your salad by hand. There were also two different kinds of soup, one of which was a chicken gumbo which we were assured 'all the members love'. I loved it too.

The buffet line included a really great Santa Fe chicken – chicken breast smothered in roasted peppers and onions and covered in a ancho sauce. Some type of fish (amberjack I think – I didn't try it). A pasta dish and slow roasted carved sirloin roast.

For dessert we had the ubiquitous pecan ball – I had butterscotch and chocolate sauce on mine. My host's dessert plate came out with 'Welcome to the Greenspoint Club Mr. Ballard' written in chocolate around the rim.


All in all it was not exactly the experience I would have anticipated at a little place on the roof of the Greenspoint 4 building garage.


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