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I owe the Hershey company an apology

Posted by beer_chris on 9-November-2006

In this entry I blogged my experience finding an infested Hershey bar. In righteous indignation I wrote to the Hershey company, whose response (save from the 10 bucks in coupons) left a bit to be desired. Paraphrasing, the email basically said, “not our fault, probably happened in the store”.

Well, bunk, I thought. I'll never buy another Hershey bar as long as I live, and I'll tell all my friends about it too! Screw you and your “it happened in the store” nonsense!

I did tell everyone. I posted it here on the web for all to see. And next time through I bought a Ghirardelli bar just to spite 'em.

Trouble is that when I opened that Ghirardelli bar yesterday there was a big hollowed out spot in the middle, filled with webbing and the same 'worm poop' that I munched on in the Hershey bar. Also, there was the shed skin of some type of fly/maggot thing, and a little hole in the corner of the wrapper.

In other words the worm was gone this time – but the infestation problem appears to be an issue with Kroger and not with the Hershey company. I'll be sending a followup email to Hershey to let them know this – in case they are interested, of course.


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