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Fruits and veggies are in the ground

Posted by beer_chris on 25-February-2007

I've finally managed to find some time to get all of my garden projects in the ground.

Saturday morning I went to the Harris County Precinct 2 master gardeners plant sale – I bought about a dozen tomato plants and a couple of peppers, and got those into my garden today. The tomato garden is about half done, as I am going to mulch it this year to keep weeds down, and I am going to build a much more effective bird net frame around it as well.

Also, after 3 weeks of messing around the blueberries got planted today, although not before hours of wandering around to various lawn and garden centers to evaluate the best/cheapest potting mixes I could get. I ended up mixing about 80% Canadian Sphagnum peat and 20% organic compost mix – something with a good bit of sand in it. I mulched on top with pine bark, and hopefully this will be it.

I've had issues with finding matching concrete edging with the same type of scalloping of the stuff I already had on hand – so the rest of my patio garden is not done yet. Perhaps that's a NEXT weekend project.


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