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What's wrong with US culture

Posted by beer_chris on 12-June-2007

We tip by default here. It is the one thing pointed out by just about everyone I visit with from overseas – the expectation of a 'tip' for almost any type of service (good or bad) is a part of our culture and makes us relatively unique. The lady that pours you a $7 beer at the stadium? You probably ought to think about giving her a dollar or two. The cashier at a to-go restaurant? She worked hard counting your change – and deserves a little extra. The shiterrific waitress at TGI Fridays who asked *you* where your food was when everyone else at the table was eating? She was having a tough night – haven't we all been there really? She needs a little motivation.

All I ask from individuals I pay to do things for me is a reasonable level of competence. Demonstrate that and you should be paid – your salary. Go a bit beyond and I'll show my appreciation. I think it demonstrates something wrong at the core of our culture that our service providers generally have a sense of entitlement for everyone to give them a little extra – above and beyond expectations when the service certainly did not meet the same level of performance.

I think tip jars, tip lines on bills and everything else like that ought to be removed. Tips ought to be restored to what, in my minds eye, they used to be – tokens of appreciation, not expected components of the job. I'm not against tipping – just an opponent of the expectation of a tip.


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