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Back home at last – and what am I eating?

Posted by beer_chris on 16-February-2008

Well made it home this week. For those that might consider taking a flight home from Dubai, landing at 7 PM on Monday and heading in to work on 8 AM Tuesday, please think twice. It seems like a good idea to jump right back into routine and all, but I think I have extended my jet lag – I am still waking up at 3 and 4 AM every day even this weekend.

Anyway, my first meal on Monday night was cheese enchiladas from Lupe Tortilla – Jaime got beef fajitas. YUM!!!! Tex Mex is just home for me, and I really missed it. I met my parents for cheese enchiladas and the ubiquitous chile con queso puff at Los Tios on Beechnut last night. The chili gravy there is not quite the same since the Skeeter's crew took them over a few years ago, but it's still really good.

Tonight I'm headed over to BW3 in the village to eat wings, play trivia and pre-coat for a bachelor party/pub crawl on Morningside.

Could I have picked four more especially Houston-ish things to do upon my return? I'm a happy boy…happy as anything to be home and eating the food I love at the places that make this place home to me.


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