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Tomato time!

Posted by beer_chris on 22-February-2008

The Harris County Precinct 3 spring plant sale is this Saturday, and although last year's crop grown from plants from this sale was a disappointment, I am blaming it on the weather rather than the plants I got at this event. We had what I remember as an exceptionally dry and hot June, which is the critical month for bloom set and fruit growth. Also, as I bought entirely determinate plants, that first fruiting was all I was going to get. I know from experience now that getting there early is key – in 2007 I arrived about 30 minutes after the gates opened and it was an absolute madhouse trying to get any type of heirloom plants.

Anyway, I think I may try to get there at 8AM for the 'preview' which allows me in to the sale a bit early.

The list of available plants is here

Keys to a successful plant sale –

  • Arrive early
  • Be ready to fight and potentially trade with others for what you want
  • Bring cash (or be ready to wait in an hours long line)
  • Have your garden ready to put these smallish transplants in the ground ASAP

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