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Posted by beer_chris on 9-March-2008

OK, two posts in one (contiguous) day? Well, I lose an hour tonight so I might as well go for it. That and I am such a TC fanboy I cannot resist.

I reviewed the bios of the upcoming contestants on Top Chef – here are my initial picks for TC season 4:

  • Ytee’s Preseason Win/Place/Show: Manuel/Lisa/Nikki

Manuel has an impressive resume and broad experience, and he’s from Texas. Lisa seems well put together and is only one of two that has a 4 yr degree. Nikki seems to have the level of experience that will matter in the later rounds. Stephanie is a wild card – another college grad who is not currently working but seems to remind me of <AHEM> Tiffani.

Previous winners/finalists have been absolutely solid in their cooking skills, and so I am happy to see that the Bravo casting folks have erred on the side of experience and age vs bringing in a bunch of young nobodies who look good in swimsuits (Candace, anyone?).

That said, there are still some self taught chefs here – but I cannot imagine they will be able to stand up to the challenges. Also, not one of them has listed any catering experience, which always pays off since many of the challenges are basically catering tasks (making huge amounts of food to be served all at once). There are a few wierdos – a larger than usual group of Adria ‘molecular gastronomy’ references, and something called a ‘culinary consultant’, whatever that means.

And YAY we have a sommelier again!! (Nikki)

I cannot wait – my DVR will be humming away on 12-March!


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