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Battle of the Michelin stars

Posted by beer_chris on 27-July-2008

Read an interesting article on today about the rising acrimony between Ferran Adria and Santi Santamaria. These two men are probably the most famous Spanish chefs cooking today. Both hold 3 Michelin stars, and seem (according to the article), to be at one another’s throats.

At issue is the ‘molecular gastronomy’ cooking style that, if not invented by, was certainly made famous by Adria. As a short aside, the article claims that the this term has been replaced with a new moniker – ‘techno-emotional cuisine’. Not sure what that means, but it has a very post-modern ring to it. At the very least it means Top Chef has a new buzzword for it’s contestants to use when describing why they used liquid nitrogen in a dish.

Santamaria is of the old guard – fresh local ingredients cooked perfectly and in inspiring ways.

Not a bad read, all in all.


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