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Brief interview with Brock Wagner – the business of beer

Posted by beer_chris on 27-July-2008

Two straight posts on Brock Wagner – wow.

Poking around my own blog, I noticed a reference to a post on another WordPress blog – and an interview with Brock Wagner. It’s brief, but a nice read. The linked blog is called SharingBeer, and is a mirror of a set of forums on a web page called Sharing Beer – apparently dedicated to all things related to the business of microbrewing.

In any event, the interview with Brock reminded me of my conversations with Tony Sullivan at Pagosa Brewing Company. When I spoke with Tony last summer, he and I spoke on the same topic covered in the interview with Brock – what it takes It takes to get a microbrewery off the ground. Tony reinforced how important strng business skills and acumen are, as well as a well considered and funded business plan. Bottom line – it takes a heck of a businessman to start a brewery – passion for beer and solid brewing experience is not enough on their own. The investment that is required combined with the lack of an available capital market to provide it and detailed business planning required to make a go in the market is why there are so few successful microbreweries. The barrier to entry primarily appears to be some level of business genius – which both Tony and Brock clearly have in spades.


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