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HRW extended (sort of)!

Posted by beer_chris on 16-August-2008

On Cleverley’s show today Trevor White announced that Oceannaire will be extending the restaurant week menu into next week. Later in the show Max’s Wine Dive matched the plan. Del Frsicos also may match the plan – I’ll keep my eye on Cleverley’s newsletter in eager anticipation.


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Quattro – HRW menu

Posted by beer_chris on 16-August-2008

Jaime surprised me with a reservation at Quattro last night Рand of course we ate nearly exclusively from the HRW menu. For $35 each Jaime and I chose 1 of each of the two appetizers and mains listed, and also were given some selections from the chef Рa nice carpaccio amuse bouche. The thin piece of filet was served over top of a bed of wilted arugula ribbons mixed with a small amount of minced black olive. The waiter called it a drunken carpaccio, although I tasted no alcohol notes in the bite. Perhaps this was my  martini overwhelming the flavors a bit РI had just finished munching the gin soaked olives.

Jaime started with a green bean and spinach salad, dressed lightly with an orange champagne vinaigrette – adverted as a mimosa dressing. I got the salad caprese – it was awesome, with a mixture of yellow and red tomatoes along with cucumber cut roughly but uniformly. Paired with a salty bufalo mozzerella it was a real highlight. The mains were a lemon and caper roasted salmon filet over a bed of pureed chickpeas, and a house-made pappardelle with short ribs. Both were very nice – the salmon is perhaps the best I have ever had. The waiter asked me how I would like it prepared – I chose medium, and it was prepared absolutely perfectly. The center of the fish was buttery and wonderful, and paired with the chickpea puree was absolutely heavenly. Jaime’s dish was good – the pasta was the highlight, with some of the ribbons as thin as a piece of construction paper. The boneless short rib chunks were tasty, but nothing outstanding.

Dessert was OK – a ricotta cheesecake with a strawberry gastrique. I made the mistake of thinking the gastrique was a standalone dish and tried to order it as such – since there were two options for everything else I only naturally assumed – and was curious how a strawberry gastrique was going to stand on its own. In any event, the chef sent out another addition to our meal after dessert – a small chocolate plate with three tiny truffles and two pieces of fantastic chocolate toffee. Great! In addition, we were given a small takeaway bag with two mini pound cakes – breakfast to go was what the waiter called it.

The wine list had quite a few splits for many of the options, and that’s what Jaime and I chose. I had a 2006 (?) Frogs Leap S. Blanc, and Jaime had a Chianti.

We also ordered an interesting appetizer off of the standard menu – a carpaccio (this was ordered before we got our amuse bouche) with spinach and two really interesting ingredients – celery hearts and romano cheese foam.

The celery hearts are basically crosscut pieces of the very center of a bunch of celery – the little yellow bits I normally throw away were actually intensely flavored. In addition, the romano foam should be on everything. It cane out piped into a vertically stoof parmesan crisp tube. It was FANTASTIC.

In all, I was pleasantly surprised. The price points on the normal menu are REALLY high – in the $40 range for mains, but the execution and food were really, really good. We showed up at 630, and the restaurant was pretty much empty until 9 PM, and at that point seemed mostly filled with hotel patrons. The service was pleasant and friendly, the food tasty and well executed and the overall experience positive. Perhaps we’ll be back.

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