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Back to posting – first try at adobo chicken

Posted by beer_chris on 20-October-2008

My goal this week is a post a day. I’ve definitely gotten out of the habit of writing in this blog of late, but I definitely have topics bouncing around in my head – just like always.

I’ve been enjoying the online work of Alison Cook over at the Chronicle, as well as the Eating… Our Words blog at the Houston Press, which includes postings by Robb Walsh among others.

My latest recipe musing is focused on adobo chicken. I marinated chicken thighs in a white wine vinegar, olive oil, cumin, salt and adobo mixture overnight and grilled the result. It was pretty good, although my ultimate goal is to come up with a low fat and low Weight Watcher point Tex-Mex dish.

Tonight is my first trip to the Rucker dinner. I’m definitely looking forward to the strange menu. Since it’s BYOB I’m going to try and make beer pairings as best I can.

Jaime and I ate at Catalan for the first time Friday night – mixed experience, although we’ll certainly go back, since both of us wanted to try the entire menu.


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