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First time at Tenacity

Posted by beer_chris on 21-October-2008

Did my first trip to Randy Rucker’s Tenacity supper club. It was held at a catering company just outside midtown called Culinaire – to be accurate, at a restored home that the company intends to use as an event venue. It was really beautiful.

The menu was a 7 course tasting menu inspired by the 7 deadly sins. As it was BYOB, I tried to pair the courses with beer – and had some success.

There were maybe 30 people there, and probably half were first-timers. I sat with the mother of the owner of Culinaire. Chef Rucker introduced each dish with an explanation, talking specifically about the techniques used and his inspiration for the dish.

Rucker’s goal was to experiment – to introduce techniques and ingredients/flavors to Houston diners. He certainly met his goal. Dishes ranged from a surprisingly tasty fois gras milkshake to a distinctivly odd combination if freshwater caviar and ‘carbonated’ oysters – raw oysters pressurized in CO2 overnight to infuse them with bubbles.

It was a fun experience. It was not so much a meal as a show – or perhaps better said – a study in culinary experimentation. A good night and one that expanded my mind and palate.


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