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Thoughts on Bolivar and Crystal Beach

Posted by beer_chris on 23-October-2008

I really can’t get Crystal Beach out of my mind, and it’s primarily the food memories I am missing so much. I just hope beyond hope that the crab festival comes back – the mix of cajun festival food, fresh seafood and some of the best gumbo I’ve tasted is so unique, and I even got to judge it a few years ago – chosen out of the crowd because “I looked like somebody that was enjoying myself but didn’t know nobody in the competition like the rest of us” My picture is on the festival website, and I have saved it here in case that site is no more.


That's me with the beer

That's me with can of hard work in my right hand



I love going to the intracoastal side, buying fresh 10-12 count shrimp on the dock and having the owner pull the heads off with his thumbs for an extra dollar – using a technique I’m sure I could never master. I’ll even miss the herd of 8 toe’d cats wandering around on that same dock just waiting for those shrimp heads to fall on the ground. The taste of those shrimp boiled up fresh is a flavor that’s the essence of the TX Gulf Coast.

I close my eyes and am still at Stingaree restaurant eating crawfish and downing Lone Star longnecks with some of my closest friends, or I’m back there getting crab squirted all over me by Susan during another trip to the all you can eat crab restaurant.

Even the terrible drinking water on the Rancho Caribe golf course is on my mind – which Keith and I were warned off of by the pro because it would ‘make ya’ sick’. Also there were the daily trips to the ‘Big Store’ – a place where I think I have at one time or another probably purchased every product they sold. Every trip I left  amazed to find just exactly what I needed at a glorified Shell station (capers? no way – um, here they are).

I’m sad about what Ike did to Crystal and I miss it – maybe more than a person ought to miss a place. Oddly, that ‘countrified beach’ is somehow a part of me, and I just want it back the way it was.


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