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Posted by beer_chris on 24-October-2008

There’s a beer style known as Eisbock. It’s a German bock beer that is frozen during the lagering process, with the resulting water ice removed. The ultimate brew is stronger and more concentrated – higher ABV.

Ikesbock is a tasty homebrewed German bock that underwent a forced diacetyl rest due to a power outage caused by a category two hurricane named Ike. Mix in a stuck fermentation (FG near 1.030), a little fear that the beer would be totally ruined, keg, carbonate and relax, don’t worry, have a slightly sweet but intensely malty homebrew.

Seriously, the bock is AWESOME, although it’s not quite alcoholic enough to be within style. It tastes more like a sweet dunkel – as if that’s a bad thing! It’s got the bock dryness – we had some chocolate malt in there – but the hops, malt and basic character is just about perfect, 1.030 be damned.


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