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My name is YTEE and I like American Ale

Posted by beer_chris on 24-October-2008

I’m on record. I’m a beer snob and I like Budweiser American Ale. It has flaws – it’s not 100% malt and has some slghtly cidery qualities out of the bottle (pasteurization?), and it’s certainly not ‘hoppy’ by any means (like the label claims). However, it’s just a good drinkin’ beer. Ultimately I think it could be a lasting beer for me – something to replace the budweiser cans as my lawnmower beer.

Hopefully it will get cheaper – as right now InBev is cashing in on those of us who regularly pay $7+/sixer. However, unlike the Michelob specialties, which are really marketed only to snobs like me, this beer has some serious marketing power behind it, and it is getting taps all over town. The Michelob specialty beers are better – the all-malt porter may be the best brew AB makes currently. However, I appreciate that AB finally realizes that there are customers absolutely begging for good tasting, good drinking beer. Here’s hoping a truly new American style develops – and American Ale is the beginning of it.


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