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Reviewing the same place – problem or postive?

Posted by beer_chris on 28-October-2008

Alison Cook posted today in Cook’s Tour that she had just submitted her review for a Brazlian style rotisserie restaurant (Fuegovivo). Robb Walsh published a review of this same restaurant in the Press last week. A commenter to Cook’s post took Alison to task – both for reviewing a Brazilian style steakhouse as well as for replicating reviews of such a place.

I just finished writing a comment back basically defending Cook and her work. My fundamental points that having two educated palates looking at the same place from time to time is only a good thing for readers, and what follows – that a little competition never hurt journalism. Granted, restaurant reviewing is more pure writing than pure journalism, but being aware of a professional peer cannot be a negative.

I’m curious to see if she approves my comment 🙂


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