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Is 2008/09 a down year for gulf oysters?

Posted by beer_chris on 29-November-2008

Jenny Latson wrote an article in the Chronicle that appeared this past Saturday about the state of Galveston Bay oyster operations post-Ike. According to Michael Ivic, owner of Misho’s in San Leon, the beds are likely silted and dead. This contradicts what I’ve heard anecdotally – that the influx of fresh water has made the beds healthier than before, and that we can expect great oysters this season as long as there are enough boats to get to them.

This echoes a post by Robb Walsh at the Eating…Our Words blog over at the Houston Press that basically echoes the same thing and quotes a specialist at TAMU (vis-a-vis the same Misho Ivic) – saying basically that while most of the reefs are likely dead oysters reproduce like mad in freshwater surges in preparation for potential repopulation

Nobody seems to know for sure, but this could be a down season for one of my favorite foods.


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