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Top Chef – some new thoughts, Shiner 100

Posted by beer_chris on 5-December-2008

Some quick thoughts on Top Chef.

Bravo is working hard to make me hate Jamie and love Fabio. It’s working on both counts. Jamie’s little quotes about how she knows her food is so perfect, and the self hating business is really grating on me. I knew it was working when I didn’t even feel sorry for her when she said she cried herself to sleep. Sheesh, Bravo what are you trying to turn me into? Still really wanting to know whether Jamie ultimately becomes Stephen (lovable jerk) or Tiffani (I’m the new bitch, bitch)

Melissa’s hair is a disaster. I know I’m a balding man, but bangs to your ears? Seriously? It looks like some kind of ‘I-just-escaped-from-the-compound’ haircut. And come on – taking advice about how to stand up at judges table from the girl with immunity? Not wise. That and the whole ‘I just really want to be here’ business. When Rocco, Padme, Tom and Gail tell you your food was too spicy, I’m not sure, but . . .  IT WAS PROBABLY TOO SPICY! Own up, be real, stay focused. At least Jamie did that much.

Am I the only one that didn’t like this challenge? I mean, it was literally ‘made for TV’, but it felt like the only reason it made the show was because KLG spit out the lettuce wrap thing. I felt completely disconnected from the entire thing, and didn’t like this stretch to tie in with another NBC/Universal property. It felt forced.

Carla’s eyes are making me go crazy.

I like Ariane. She’s growing on me, but I’m just hoping we don’t have another Betty on our hands (caterer, constantly nervous about what everyone thinks of her, short, older than competition and talks about it constantly). Betty won an early challenge with a sandwich (which ended up ebing served at TGI Fridays) and Ariane wins with roast turkey and a salad. Can we get to it already and get over this baby-ass stuff? Let’s just get a minutiarized dorky wolverine lookalike who loves foams and see if she fights with it. Then we’ll know she’s actually Betty.

I want more FOOD in the show. Too much people stuff and showing off the challenges. A breakfast quickfire? Really? Weren’t they doing the ‘dig in the aquarium and get your own seafood’ challenge about this time last season?


Melissa should be gone, but Alex proved yet again that dessert is never the way to stand out. (My) Jaime asked a great question – why would he use up a perfectly good dessert recipe when he didn’t need to – at least not yet. It wasn’t salt for sugar (ahem – Miguel?) but it was pretty dumb.

BIG NEWS – Shiner 100 to be a dopplebock, according to the SA Express News (I linked to it via the Barley Vine blog.



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