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Quick notes – Malaysian food tonight, Top Chef

Posted by beer_chris on 17-December-2008

Really looking forward to Malaysian food tonight at Banana Leaf. I confirmed yesterday that they have roti canai, which as my memory serves is kind of like the New York hot dog of Kuala Lumpur – ultimate street food. I’m interested to see what others know and have to share about the cuisine, as I have only been to KL one time and thus know ultimately very little about food from other aprts of Malaysia and the little bits that I had when I was there.

Top Chef – liked last weeks show, but the first challenge got me excited but it turned out to be a dud. Why change a formula that worked? Palate test with blindfolds and single ingredients was definitely something that had been done before but it seemed fair if nothing else. The name the ingredients challenge seemed good on the surface, until everyone was guessing stupid pedestrian stuff like ‘salt’, ‘oil’, ‘pepper, etc. Who cares.

The elimination challenge was fun. I think it’s the first chance we’ve had to see these chefs actually cook – aside from the ‘Show your Kraft’ episode. I’m ready for some real inventive dishes though, and this was just a taste of that. Restaurant Wars has got to be coming…


One Response to “Quick notes – Malaysian food tonight, Top Chef”

  1. Ricky said

    The cheftestants are disappointing thus far. I mean, really, you’re clamoring to be called Top Chef, and you can’t recognize green curry or mole sauce? Or know what goes in them? Yeah, they bid low, but my gosh, they’re giving up way too soon. And you’re right, this is the first time I’ve seem them cook…and they aren’t very imaginative. Nothing like the mindblowing tofu marinated in beef fat dish.

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