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Trish and Darin Christmas show

Posted by beer_chris on 24-December-2008

Went to the annual Trish and Darin Christmas show at McGonigel’s Mucky Duck last night. As usual, the menu for dinner was selected (inspired?) by Trish and Darin. This year the selections were a little more limited than in past years, as the desserts were off of the regular menu, and were simply soup, main, dessert.

The show was pretty good. Darin’s voice was hurting a bit, but he’s definitely a showman. Best song of the night – definitely the cover of their father’s workman’s ballad.

Foodwise, a little simpler, as I mentioned. Starter was a quite rich (nearly oily) tomato basil soup with crouton. Second course was a braised beef brisket with garlic and cloves, mash and green beans. The brisket was pretty tender, but I didn’t taste any clove at all. Trish mentioned during the show she would share the recipe, so I’m going to email her about it. Dessert was a choice between three items on the Duck’s menu – chocolate mousse, sherry trifle and bread pudding in whisky sauce. Although these are normal items, they were on my bill as ‘mousse – Darin’ and ‘pudding – Trish’, so I guess the duo selected them.

I enjoyed a number of imperial pints of Anchor Merry Christmas Happy New Year – which is very nice this year. Also had a pint of draft pear cider, which I haven’t had in some time. Had a spirited discussion with my table mates about the origins of the term ‘perry’, as none of them knew it referred to a fermented beverage made of pear juice. I mistakenly called what I ordered perry, and have since learned (via Wikipedia, that harbinger of facts) that ‘perry’ and ‘pear cider’ are two different things – the latter being a mixture of apple and pear juice.


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